Birth giver? 

From birthgiver to beyond


C&C combat the ‘dance mom’ crowd

complete insanity!! Dancers running, changing, crying. partents pushing, arguing, laughing. Teachers shouting, rushing wringing their hands. Do I miss it? oh heck ya! I’m some twisted way, I miss it all!! But I’m spending the evening with my youngest spawn while we laugh and giggle at all the maddness in the comfort of the audience…

Hey Harry heeyyyyy. 

My 16 year old self is eeeeeek-ing over Apple Music releasing Harry Styles new album today and ya, it’s total 🔥. It has an Ed Sheeran/ David Bowie (relax Harry-haters, listen and tell me I’m wrong and fight me) sound and feel. Very different then any 1D business. Anyway. Life is music! Oh! Life is also…