Outside? What is this ‘outside’

Ps: I wrote this yesterday.. 


I’m not in the house right now !! I’m by myself. By my own personal choice. (That’s a lie. A social media post told me to go outside. So obviously I listened!)

 Listening to music, sitting and watching the golfers (but not being ‘sporty’ or active duh) this place, is,  phenomenon  if you will, is called ‘outside’. 

It’s weird. Kinda hot. Bright 😎. 

TAKE HEART! I still had to post about it on the social platforms so my ego is still in check so don’t panic yet! 

I’ll let you know how long this little social experiment lasts.
PS I DIDN’T even filter this picture! I feel so alive!!!! 

I saw the movie Snatched and it had some kind of affect on me. The whole selfish absorbed spoiled daughter who isn’t really living but posts things like she is, thing. Kinda resonated with me. 

Plus my overthinking superpower was activated some how. 


I’m outside. 

I feel like an alien out here. 


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