That’s the look of pure amazement!


This clip I’m going to share is basically the reaction I get from anyone near me whenever I belt out my favourites in the car or anywhere really.

Which is often.

I know what you’re thinking!

..actually I have no idea what you’re thinking. But here’s what I always thought!

I always thought they were reactions of WTH? Or horror. Maybe fear. Maybe disgust. Not that that stopped me.
But this video cleared it ALL up! Go on, click the link. You deserve to understand too! 👇🏻


Click this link to clear everything up!   

(👆🏻 yes that’s the link)


These have all been  reactions of amazement, awe, and enchantment of you will.

Probably even some serious jealousy has been brewed by my golden throat!

It’s just so clear now. It’s ALL clear now.!! Thank you James Corbin!




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