She’s so lucky, she’s a star.

Ironically healthcare access and wealth wasn’t enough to almost lose this ‘lucky’ one in 2002. But that’s another tale for another time.
Sharing truth, even years later can change future outcomes for the next ones. This guy AMAZES me.

Reminds me of me. In thoughts he has. In his ‘luck’.

Now if I had his talent to express it!

Until that day, I will let him speak his and my truth .

I am a lucky one.

I know lots of ‘Joey’s too.

Neil Holborn, who I can’t get enough of, has said about this post, ‘Gonna keep posting this as long as folks are trying to destroy access to healthcare in this country. Pre-existing conditions or lack of wealth should not be a death sentence’

Are you a Joey or are you a lucky one, like me. And what are we going to do about it. Click Joey’s name below and decide. (Hint it’s the link to Neil’s post)




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