Protected: So THIS is anxiety!

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Protected: Is nothing still something?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. part 2

PART TWO OF THE BEST SURPRISE IN THE WORLD!  I got to give the best gift to my youngest daughter today!! Here it is in three spectacular parts! It’s mostly I’m 3 parts in 3 posts because I am SO not blog savvy yet!! 

The aftermath 

GUYS! Just look at what all that ‘outside-ing’ did to my brain!  12 hours and 8 mins of sleep? I haven’t slept past 7am in years. I’m pretty sure the sun tried to fry my brain! I was in a state close to death for over 12 hours because of all that outdoor exposure! People!…

Outside? What is this ‘outside’

Ps: I wrote this yesterday..  GUYS!  I’m not in the house right now !! I’m by myself. By my own personal choice. (That’s a lie. A social media post told me to go outside. So obviously I listened!)  Listening to music, sitting and watching the golfers (but not being ‘sporty’ or active duh) this place,…

That’s the look of pure amazement!

  This clip I’m going to share is basically the reaction I get from anyone near me whenever I belt out my favourites in the car or anywhere really. Which is often. I know what you’re thinking! ..actually I have no idea what you’re thinking. But here’s what I always thought! I always thought they…

She’s so lucky, she’s a star.

Ironically healthcare access and wealth wasn’t enough to almost lose this ‘lucky’ one in 2002. But that’s another tale for another time. Sharing truth, even years later can change future outcomes for the next ones. This guy AMAZES me. Reminds me of me. In thoughts he has. In his ‘luck’. Now if I had his…